Happy 55th Birthday Singapore!

SG 55th National Day Promotion – Microgreen / Terrarium / Seashell Collage DIY kits

Celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday with our special promotion! Get any two DIY kits at only $55 (inclusive of delivery). Each set is selling for $30, comes complete with DIY instructions.

1. Growing microgreens DIY kit
– 3 black planting trays
– 3 x 15g vegetable seeds (Broccoli, Pak Choi, Red Cabbage)
– 2 x 400g of organic soil
– Water spray and spoon

2. SG Closed Terrarium DIY kit
– Glass bottle
– Two fittonia plants (red/white)
– Gravel, charcoal, soil
– Red n white coarse sand
– SG flag and ribbon

3. Seashell Collage on Photoframe
– 4R wooden photoframe (pre-taped)
– Assorted seashells (>10 diff types)
– 2 packs of fine coloured sand

Check out more of our listings at our Carousell page! (https://sg.carousell.com/agaperium)