About Us

Looking for terrariums and hand crafted gifts for your loved ones and friends at a reasonable price in Singapore? Or maybe you are like us, lovers of flora, who like to learn to create terrariums, keep plants and use them to decorate our homes? With our terrariums, nature handicrafts and affordable and enriching workshops, we aim to bring nature close to you that requires minimal care.

Agaperium is an online business started in 2013 to promote the appreciation and love of nature in our urban environment in Singapore. Besides ready-made terrariums and crafted gifts, we commit ourselves to make every of our workshops affordable, fun, educational and creative for every age group aiming to create a platform for our participants relax, refresh and relate with one another. We look forward to providing quality products and workshops at low cost to all our clients, customizing the contents to ensure the enrichment and enjoyment of our participants whether be in educational settings, social gatherings or corporate events.

Our trainers have worked as volunteer social workers in Northern Thailand for many years. From their time overseas, they have gained much knowledge in various agricultural and handicraft processes and developed a keen interest in plants, nature and crafts. They are passionate in sharing their knowledge to participants of all ages and experienced in conducting terrarium and craft workshops for working professionals, educators, children as well as the elderly for the past years. We are also MOE registered instructors.
Look out for us on Facebook – where there are many pictures of our works and activities. Like us on Facebook to get special seasonal discounts and also updates on new products and workshops.

“Agaperium” is actually made up of two words. ‘Agape’ which is a Greek word meaning unconditional love and ‘arium’ which means a place or a container. At Agaperium, every product and service is done out of our devoted commitment to convey heartfelt love to our clients. Using different types of glassware and bottles, we have various kinds of Agaperiums for your keep or as gifts specially crafted for you and your love ones. These include different terrariums, vivariums and crafts. These glassware contain miniature gardens and mini aquariums that are easy to keep, needs low or no maintainence and are ideal for bringing a part of nature into our busy urban homes or offices.

Agaperium was first started with the purpose to share the love of God with others. One of the primary purpose is to raise funds for the Centre of Transformation and Development (CTD) so that missions work can be carried out smoothly without being totally dependent on sponsorship. Funds raised will be used to support the staff of CTD and carry out various ministries such as training believers in Christ and sponsoring the operations of an orphanage in Thailand. It is our hope that we can be social entrepreneurs or what was known as tentmakers in the Bible. Please log on to www.centrefortransformationanddevelopment.com to find out more about our work.


  1. Cheers to both of you for the various ministries in CTD and for the bright ideas of raising funds through Agaperium!

  2. Thank God for both of you for your longing for God and your willingness to obey His calling 🙂 Indeed, how blessed are all those who long for Him.

    Isaiah 30:18
    18 Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you,
    And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.
    For the LORD is a God of justice;
    How blessed are all those who long for Him.

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