Made to order: Terrariums, & Gifts

At Agaperium we hand make and customise terrariums, potted plant arrangements, nature gifts and handicrafts at your order. You can simply let us know your preferred item (terrarium, dried flowers, crafts), budget range and customisation needs, date of collection etc and we will tailor make to your liking. Contact us and we can work from there. Bulk gifts and wedding favours are also available for order.

Below are some of our popular products available for order, or you can ask us for  customisation to your preference.

A) Terrariums

Terrariums are plants kept in a container usually made of glass or plastic. They require less maintenance than potted plants and are nice to keep at your living spaces. They also make ideal gifts for others.

Below are some of terrariums available. You can also choose:
1) The type of bottle / glassware you like*
2) Indicate your preferred neck decoration (ribbon/mosaic/beaded message)
3) Topping on the soil (natural pebbles/colour pebbles/colour sand/natural sand)
4) Preferred animal for the figurine.

*You may also browse through our workshop pages to see the glassware that we usually use and have in stock.

Prices also vary according to the size of the containers, types of plants and accessories used.  Email us or whatsapp 90163202 for enquiries or orders.

B) Miscellaneous Gallery (Custom-made Terrariums, pots and plants) 

C) Vivariums

Vivariums refer to enclosed containers of live animals under semi-natural conditions. In this manner, little maintenence is actually required. In our small vivariums created to bring creatures nearer to you, we make vivariums for fighting fish, shrimps, crayfish and crabs. These creatures are placed in bottles or aesthetic containers that decorate your indoor space as well as are fun to watch the creatures. These creatures would require some feeding once in a while and is fun and enjoyable to keep as pets.

D) Mini Gifts for bulk order

E) Special Hand Crafted Products