Orders, Enquiries and Delivery

Please fill out the Ask Us! form below or email to agaperium@yahoo.com.sg or sms/whatsapp us at +65 90163202 to enquire or place your order. Do specify the name of the product or workshop, the quantity and any specific requests / customised instructions. If you have a deadline for us to deliver the gift or workshop, please let us know too. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prices are as shown on the website. Bulk or larger quantities will be discounted. However, if there are special requests on addition of accessories or decorations, additional costs may be added to the listed price. These will be discussed and agreed upon before the delivery.

*You may also want to follow and check out our Carousell store to get updated promotional prices and items for sale.*

Payment and Delivery:

For local product orders, please pay cash, do paylah, paynow or bank transfers before delivery.

For workshops, we accept cash, cheque, PayNow or payment by invoice or e-invoice through vendors.gov.sg or PEPPOL e-invoicing network.

We will deliver the Agaperium products to you at our collection points at Clementi MRT station (Singapore) at no extra charge. We can also deliver to other locations, preferably near MRT stations or public places, and depending on the location we may collect a delivery charge.

If you prefer us to post / courier the items to your address, we only post small gift items (non-living). Charges may apply depending on size and type of delivery.

Overseas orders:

We only ship non-living items overseas, i.e. items under the crafts section, small figurines or mini figurines for terrariums and other accessories that you see on our pages which you are interested in. Delivery charges may apply. Please contact us through the form below or email directly at agaperium@yahoo.com.sg for any enquiries.


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