Agaperium Ahoy!

Looking for terrariums and vivariums for your loved ones and friends at a reasonable price in Singapore? Or are you looking for someone to help conduct a terrarium workshop for friends or children at your home or a team building event in your company or a fellowship in church? Or maybe you are like us, lovers of flora, who like to keep plants and use them to decorate our homes. With terrariums and vivariums, we can bring nature close to you at minimal care.

Welcome to Agaperium. “Agaperium” is actually made up of two words. ‘Agape’ which is a Greek word meaning unconditional love and ‘rium’ which means a place or a container. In short, Agaperium simply means ‘love in a bottle’. At Agaperium, everything is done out of love. It is also a place where you can share your love with your loved ones. Using different types of containers and bottles, we have various kinds of Agaperiums for your keep or as gifts specially crafted for you and your love ones. These include different terrariums, vivariums and crafts. These enclosed bottles contain miniature gardens and mini aquariums that are easy to keep, needs low or no maintainence and are ideal for bringing a part of nature into our busy urban homes or offices.

Feel free to browse through our collection and order them from this website or email us. We will deliver it to you at our collection points at Clementi or Toa Payoh MRT station (Singapore). You can also contact us to custom make your Agaperiums so that they would be specially tailored for you and your beloved ones.

Besides, we also take bulk orders for your friends and colleagues at special rates too. Why not consider giving an Agaperium to someone on special occasions or this Christmas season? We are also glad to conduct workshops for your company, children parties other social gatherings. Please write to us giving us your contact and your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.


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