DIY kits & Customization

DIY kits

For those who are game to make some of our products yourself, we also sell DIY kits at very reasonable prices. In our DIY kits, we pack all materials required neatly and provide easy-to-follow instructions so that you will find making terrariums, vivariums or mulberry paintings a breeze! Personally making your loved one a beautiful nature gift will definitely show your deep love for him/her!

Terrarium DIY kits

A. Classic Terrarium DIY kit (S$22)

Materials include: a glass bottle (18 x 8cm), two different plants, a pack of soil, a pack of gravel, a pack of charcoal, a pack of coloured stones, a figurine/seashell and a ribbon for decorative purposes. We also include an instruction sheet and tools needed to make.

B. Coloured Sand Terrarium ($28)


Materials include: a glass bottle (18 x 8.5cm), two different plants, a pack of soil, 4 packs of colour sand, a pack of charcoal, a pack of coloured stones, two figurines and a ribbon for decorative purposes. We also include an instruction sheet and tools needed to make.


Mulberry Painting DIY kit ($16)


Materials include: a painting medium (either a shaped canvas or a framed Masonite board), six basic colours of mulberry paints, plastic tools (tweezer and pointer), a mixing dish and an instruction sheet.


Vivarium DIY kits

diyvivariumsWe sell vivarium DIY kits that saves you the hassle of hunting for the various materials needed to set up the vivarium.

*Prices vary according to creatures, bottles/containers used. Please contact us for more details.

Free delivery to Toa Payoh or Clementi MRT stations.

We also sell craft DIY kits and accessories that are featured in our workshops page. Please contact (email or whatsapp) us for more information.

If you would like to buy additional accessories such as figurines, ribbons, mosaic bits or beads, please email us to specify what you would like to have. We do sell a wide range of mini figurines for terrariums and vivariums. You can also browse through our other pages to see the various types of accessories we use for our agaperiums. Write to us at for any enquiries!


Some of our cute figurines to brighten up the terrariums and vivariums


At Agaperium, we enjoy being part of celebrating special events with you and your friends. We can customise Agaperiums to your preference.

You can choose the type of bottle, type of decorations on the bottle necks / caps, colour theme, words or messages you wish to put on or in the bottle or even the small figurines to place in the bottle. If you would like to use your own special glass jar, or special figurine or other decorative objects that you would like us to place into the Agaperiums, we can also accommodate to your requests.

Below are some customised Agaperiums that we have done.



  1. Hi, I’m also interested to go for this with my boyfriend but it’s not convenient to hold it at our homes, is it possible to go down to your workshop? Where is your workshop located at?

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