Vivariums refer to enclosed containers of live animals under semi-natural conditions. In this manner, little maintenence is actually required. In our small vivariums created to bring creatures nearer to you, we make vivariums for fighting fish, shrimps, crayfish and crabs. These creatures are placed in bottles or aesthetic containers that decorate your indoor space as well as are fun to watch the creatures. These creatures would require some feeding once in a while and is fun and enjoyable to keep as pets.

Here are the different types of vivariums available. Please note that the actual product may vary the slightly from picture. Prices vary due to sizes of containers, accessories, aquatic plants and aquatic animals used. Email us for enquiries or orders.



V220 Betta in glass bottle (Fighting Fish)
Size: 22cm x 11cm
Price: S$39.90
*This bottle is out of stock*



V221 Betta in Decanter (Fighting Fish)
Size: 25cm x 20cm
Price: S$45.90


V210 Two Crabs in Glass bowl
Size: 18cm in diameter
Price: S$45.90


V220 Blue crayfish in Glass bowl
Size: 18cm in diameter
Price: S$40.90


VV901: Nano Marimo Vivarium (with fish figurines-carp, goldfish etc.)
Size: 16cm x 8.5cm
Price: $24.90

V206 with glass fish and marimo balls

Code: V201 glass fish with marimo
Size: 8.5cm x 21cm
Price: S$28.90

* SOLD items can still be ordered. However, depending on the availability of stock, more time may be needed to source for the containers and accessories. Some accessories may also differ.

Below are some instructions for the care of vivariums.

  • Put the vivarium in a brightly lit area, fluorescent light will also do. Don’t put the vivarium under direct sunlight. It will cause algae to grow on the bottle surfaces.
  • A little feeding is required, about two to three times a week. Each vivarium purchased will come with a small pack of food sticks for the creature.
  • If possible, try to change a third of the water every week so that pH of the water would not be too high. Preferably, use water that is allowed to stand for a night to reduce the chlorine level. Carefully scoop out the water with spoons or small measuring cups so that you will not disturb the sand bed below. Then carefully add the clean water in the same way.
  • Quickly remove any dead creatures using a plastic spoon from the bottle as soon as possible so that it would not infect the others.
  • Do not disturb or scare the creatures unnecessarily or they may die.

Note:  The life span of the creatures in a vivarium varies, depending on the conditions of the water and creatures as in a normal aquarium. Generally speaking, small fish and shrimps are quite sensitive to water conditions. While not expecting them to live for a long time, they can survive of similar length of time as you would have put them in an aquarium.


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