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Our Workshops

For those of you out there who are more creative or want to get the fun out of making an Agaperium or craft/gift, we do conduct fun and educational workshops for both adults and children for a group of any size of at least five at very reasonable prices. (Big/multiple groups, please contact us for special rates) You can have it at your children’s birthday parties, social gatherings, or corporate meetings at your venue.

We have interesting workshops creating beautiful terrariums or pots with live plants, various creative and fun nature, dried flower, seashell craft workshops, and setting up exciting vivariums of shrimps, crabs, lobsters and even hermit crabs!

Besides the workshops listed below, we are also happy to customise workshops according to your preferences and budgets. Email us for enquiries at agaperium@yahoo.com.sg
Planting Workshops | Art & Crafts Workshops | Vivarium Workshops

Our terrarium workshops are suitable for all ages conducted at our clients’ venue. Participants get to learn about the history, types and benefits of terrariums. They also learn the science of the ecosystem in the terrarium. The participants will be guided step by step in making a terrarium and how to maintain the terrariums. All packages will come with an instructional card on how to maintain the terrarium and a carrier to bring the terrarium home.


Classic Closed Terrarium Workshop ($30 per pax for groups of 5 & above): POPULAR!

The Classic glass bottles are about 8cm in diameter x 18cm in height. Participants also get to learn about the closed ecosystem in the terrarium and how to maintain the terrariums. (Plastic bottle alternatives are also available if safety is a concern for the participants.)


Colour Sand Closed Terrarium Workshop ($34/$32 per pax, for min 5 pax)

Create a colourful closed terrarium with colourful sand layers at the base of the closed terrarium. Learn to fashion the colour sand layers creatively and do a little landscaping on the surface of the soil.


Terracup Closed Terrarium Workshop (S$16 per pax, for min. 10 pax)

Participants get to create a simple yet beautiful closed terrarium with colour sand layers and colour pebbles in a nice plastic cup with cover. Containers are on the average 7cm x 8.5cm. Two different types of cups to choose from. Fun for both children and adults.


Big / Teambuilding Terrarium Workshop with mini landscaping ($54/$60 per terrarium, min. 2 sets)

Looking for an exclusive workshop you and your family? Or for your corporate teambuilding event of groups of three or four? This big terrarium workshop with mini landscaping is just for you! Create a beautiful terrarium with landscaping together in this glass jar (height 20cm x diameter 13cm) or a beautiful apothecary jar (height 23cm x diameter 18cm), and put it in your homes or offices to nurture it together! You can choose the figurines / themes for the landscaping (e.g. sea animals, farm animals, forest etc.). Great workshop for promoting family or team bonds and cultivating relationships!

My Air Plant/Succulent Workshop

The air plant/succulent workshop allows participants to set up a desert terrarium to add touches of nature to their homes or offices. Learn to set up these natural looking open terrariums with beautifully shaped clear plastic cups and decorate using sand layerings, pebbles, bark, seashells and mini figurines. Minimum 10pax, conducted at clients’ venue. Glass cup options available too.

My Air Plant Terrarium
Air Plant Terrarium Workshop
($18 per pax – min 10 pax)
Plastic cup (approx. 6cm x 8cm)
(Glass cup option available at an additional $2 per pax)

My Succulent Terrarium
Succulent/Cactus Terrarium Workshop
In glass cups (9.5cm x 7.5cm)
($20 per pax – min 10 pax)

PET Terrarium

PET bottle Terrarium Workshop ($14 per pax for min 10 pax)

Want to make something green out of recycled bottles? Try out this workshop and you will turn waste into beautiful terrariums to beautify your homes and offices. Use your own recycled PET bottles to get started!

Open Terrarium Garden Workshop (S$50 per pax, $55 with mini landscaping)
Create a nice open terrarium to bring nature and greenery onto your table? Plant various indoor plants into a goldfish bowl (about 18cm x 18cm) and decorate them nicely with stones.

For something more creative, add materials for mini landscaping for just an additional $5 per pax.

PET bottle

Self-Watering PET Bottle Garden Workshop ($18 per pax)
Through this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to make a self-watering bottle by recycling their PET bottles*. They will get to plant herbs or indoor plants in this self-watering garden. This method of growing plants does not breed mosquitoes due to the design of the bottle and also promotes recycling and environmental awareness. We will also explain to the participants how the system works. This is best for older children, adults or the elderly who have interest to keep herbs for themselves.

*Each participant can bring one PET bottle for the workshop.

Craft Workshops

Mini Dried Flowers Arrangement Workshop NEW!

Don’t you love to have colourful flowers to brighten your living or work space but feels sad when they wither and die? Try out mini dried flower arrangements in a closed container to brighten your living spaces. And what’s best – they are real yet everlasting! Our dried flowers workshop allows you to use you creativity to build up an exquisite mini floral arrangement that can add colours to your living space.



a) Glass Jar (approx. 9 x 10cm)
(Two faced arrangement)
Minimum 10 pax
$28 per pax

b) Clear Plastic cup (approx. 7.5 x 10cm)
(Single faced arrangement)
Duration: 1 hour
Minimum 10 pax
$18 per pax

c) Fridge magnet (approx. 5 x 7cm)
Duration: 45 min
Minimum 10 pax
$10 per pax


Mulberry Painting Workshop

Mulberry painting workshop is both educational and helps children in their physical and mental development. It trains the co-ordination of right/left hand, develops both the left and right brain functions, trains patience and is used for art therapy in Western countries.

Mulberry paint is made from the bark of the mulberry tree. Not only is it odourless, it is also environmentally friendly. Unlike normal paint, mulberry paint presents a 3-dimenional effect after it dries. Participants will use simple techniques to apply mulberry paint on a corkboard / cardboard to decorate their rooms or walls. This workshop is fun for both children and adults.

Package A: On corkboards or hard cardboards – S$15 per pax only! (suitable for beginners, elderly, younger children) Minimum size per group: 10 pax

Package B : On photoframes, mirrors, name plaques, canvas boards, etc.


Price: $20 per pax suitable for adults, older children, craft lovers. Minimum size per group: 10 pax.

Mixed Media Nature Collage Workshop ($15 / $24 per pax) Minimum 10 pax per group
This workshop gathers materials from our mother nature together to form a creative art piece. Learn about the various nature media such as leaf skeletons, dried flowers, sea shell and seeds. Children and beginners can start by working on a 9cm x 9cm cardboard coaster while adult participants can endeavour doing the collage on a 3R photoframe or a 14cm x 18cm canvas board.

Seashell Collage Workshop ($15 / $20 per pax) Minimum 10 pax per group
Bring the sea nearer to you with this fun and creative seashell workshop. Participants will get to form their abstract or patterned pictures with different types of seashells on a coaster or a framed wooden board to form a pretty art piece that brings a natural feel to your living space.


Bean and Grains Art & Craft Workshop ($14 per pax)
Minimum 10 pax per group.
Through this workshop, participants will learn how to form a simple picture on a piece of wooden tile or canvas board using different of beans and grains. They can design their own pictures or just follow the ones we give to them. Children can also learn about the different types of beans and grains. To make it nicer, participants can put a layer of colour sand as background. What we get is a beautiful 3D picture. This workshop is fun for both children and adults.



Colour Sand Candle making workshop (from S$12 per cup) Minimum 10 pax per groupThis workshop allows participants to create beautiful candles by placing colourful layers of sand in a glass or cup and adding in glittery and colourful bits of decoration and pretty items. Perfect for decorating your homes or as a gift. There are two types of glass cups to choose from. The mini cup (diameter 4.8cm x height 5.8cm) costs $12 per cup. The taller cup (5 x 8cm) costs $13 per cup. Colourful dried flowers can also be included for a more garden look at $0.50 per pax. Minimum 10 pax per workshop. Suitable for all ages. Garden, cartoon character or Cbristmas themes available to choose from.

Mini Wax Modelling Workshop (S$22 per pax) This fun workshop lets participants create their own fancy candles by molding softened wax to their favourite shapes or objects. Suitable for all ages. Minimum 10 pax per workshop.

Vivarium Workshops:


Ever thought of making vivariums with live fish, shrimps, crabs and crayfish (lobsters) and keeping them indoors on your table as pets? Yes! We do have workshops for aquatic animal lovers. Consider making the habitat for one of these:

Fighting Fish Vivarium Workshop (S$38 per pax), Crab Vivarium Workshop (S$48 per pax), Lobster vivarium workshop (S$42 per pax).

You will learn how to set up and maintain the vivariums. The best thing is… all participants will bring home the terrarium / vivarium after the workshop. A small pack of free food for your pets will also be given free!




Contact us to find out more!



    • We conduct workshops at our client’s location. Number of pax mostly depends on the space of the location, and sometimes the type of workshop. Please pm or whatsapp us to chat. We look forward to be of service to you.

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