Expressing love…

Agaperium wishes all a wonderful time celebrating family harmony and love during Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day! We are now giving special prices for the following items that you can buy as gifts to your family or loved ones to express your love for them. There’s a variety of them. Hurry, grab them now, as there’s limited stock for each design!

You can also check out our Crafts and Gifts page for new cute gifts! Email us for enquiries or orders.

Good things come in pairs…

valentinecarpmarimoVV901: Nano Marimo Vivarium (Carp figurines)
*Also available with goldfish (figurines)
Size: 16cm x 8.5cm
Price: S$24.90

smallpairterrariumTV601 / TV602 (angular): Small Terrariums
with paired rabbits figurines
*Also available with ducks, flamingoes etc. (figurines)
Size: 14cm x 8.5cm
Price: S$24.90

flat&knobTV603 (flat-top) / TV604 (knob-top):
Terrariums with paired figurines
*Available with rabbits, ducks, flamingoes etc.
Size: 16cm x 10cm, 19cm x 10cm
Price: S$28.90

tallangularbirdswithheartTV606 (tall angular):
Angular Terrarium with heart and a pair of birds
*Available with rabbits, ducks, flamingoes etc.
Size: 20cm x 9cm
Price: S$28.90

Metal-cap Family Terrariums with animal figurines
*Available with chickens and ducks
Size: 22cm x 11cm
Price: S$34.90

T110Code: T110 Garden in my heart
Size: 13.5cm x 15cm
Price: S$38.90

CNY treeCNY Tree (glass beads)
Size: 13cm x 25cm
Price: S$26.90

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Tree of love (glass beads)C410 Tree of love (heart-shaped bottle)
Size: 15cm x 25cm
Price: S$29.90

Angel sending her loveC405 Angel sending her love
Size: 8cm x 14cm
Price: S$22.90

Glass bear in loveC406 Glass bear in love
Size: 8cm x 14cm
Price: S$18.90

Eyeore loves youC409 Eyeore loves you (cute soft toy)
Size: 6cm x 8.5cm
Price: S$15.90

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