Crafts & Gifts

We love to custom make gifts with indoor plants, air plants, small dried flowers, seashells, colour sand, candles as well as others similar products to the workshop products. You may browse through our Facebook page or workshop page or just ask us!

Customised Gifts – Wooden Keychains Keychain Samples

Order your customised keychains for your friends or loved ones today as a little gift with a simple message. You can select the shape of the key chains (from the Pic A below), and put a simple message or name of your friend in these beautiful keychains. You can also choose to decorate your keychains with little iconic symbols (Pic B) or have a light colour-sand background or keep the wooden grained background.


Pic A : Keychain shapes to select from


Pic B : Little icons to decorate

Available now from only from $7 up (special price). Price varies with number of letters and customization needed e.g. adding of paints/colour sand. Bulk orders of 10 pieces and above will get additional discounts! Hurry, order now at
Some unfinished samples:


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